Monday, May 11, 2015

So many have asked for me to do again so here goes ..

So here's how it works.

Normally a 3 question email reading is $50USD.

These readings normally take 48 hrs to get your reply.
Please allow 76 hrs
But as a treat.

FOR 48 hrs  ONLY
Your Reading Request must be received before 
Midnight May 12th  2015  Pacific Coast Time USA

Christian will answer 6 questions for $50USD.

You send your 6 questions along,
with a recent head & shoulders photo.

You send your $50
USD payment via paypal.
(They walk you through the process).

As we mentioned before these readings normally take 48 hrs.
But with the rush.
We ask you to allow 76hrs.
Thank You.

Now you could get together with a friend,
send 3 questions each.
But remember to send a photo of both of you.
Stating who's who.
You could even have three of you send 2 questions each.
You get the idea.

We can only take payment via 
Payment in advance only.

Readings will be answered in strict order received.

Readings recieved after Midnight May 12th 2015  
Pacific Coast Time USA.
Will have only the first 3 questions answered 

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